The Making of SPQR / by Kenn Yap

SPQR is a book I'm working on. I haven't really made clear in the past as to what it is exactly and I'd like to shed some light on it. So for the last few months I've been working on and off on a project called SPQR. I've decided to compile it into a book. And this is how I've stumbled my way through the whole thing.

One of the spreads in the book. Printing and trimming the bleed edges was by far the easiest part. Then I had to bind it.

I bound the book with a perfect bind. It's because I had to print the pages on single sheets. Above is my jerry-rigged book press. 

Next is the board for the hard cover. I had to cut it down to size and wrap it in the cover.

And it's done! It's hard trying to condense the entire process into a few pictures. There was so much more trial and error involved and at times it was extremely frustrating. For anyone who's looking to do the same, I have a bit of advice:

Measure twice, cut once.